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Do you want to start selling online?

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Are you a new business and want to start to sell your products online? Are you an existing business that wants to branch out and sell their products online?

Most people think that to start selling their products online they will need a costly ecommerce website. Well, that’s not always the case. It also depends on what you are selling.


Most people have heard of eBay these days and, as they say, you can buy anything on eBay It’s an easy way to start selling online as the whole ecommerce platform is there, including taking payments.  It’s a good way to dip your toes into online selling, and most huge High Street Stores have an eBay store.


  • Large ready-made audience
  • The whole platform is there ready to use
  • You can start small and expand to a store later


  • Your branding will be minimal. Stores give more options
  • Fees – you need to factor these into your prices
  • eBay audiences can expect a bargain, so handmade and high-end goods are not always suited


It’s very similar to eBay but tries to create more of a community. The audience outside of the UK is pretty large. You are restricted to selling handmade, vintage and craft supplies.


  • Cheaper than eBay. Shops are free
  • Audience that understands the value of handmade items


  • Not as large a ready-made audience
  • Restrictions on what you can sell


The chances are that you might not have heard of this one. It could almost be described as a quirky UK-based Etsy. You have to be UK based to sell on this website.


  • It is the cheapest. A one off fee to list as many items plus selling fees


  • Doesn’t have the larger audiences of the other websites
  • Tighter restriction of selling categories


There are others out there, but using one of these websites is a good way to test the waters and try and sell your products online.

By dipping your toes in one of these ways you can try out your online markets, narrow down your target audiences, and try online advertising. All straight away and with minimal costs.

Finally, you can go out to an agency and get a brand spanking new ecommerce website built for your business, but, hey,  it’s your money!


To read my full article, written for the Nottingham Post, click here.


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