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How social are you? Improve your Google rankings…

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Google rankingGoogle is continually changing/improving its search algorithm which means you have to keep on your toes if you want to get higher in those rankings.

Lately, it’s more favourable to an authority in your business. If you have to build some credibility within your audience, then you become more of a trusted authority.

One way that Google measures this is with your social media relationships. Don’t think that means you have to shoot off and increase your followers. That’s not really how it works. So don’t get dragged along with those companies that will ‘buy’ you lots of new followers.

What you need to do is really good and interesting content that you followers will share, retweet, re-post, re-pin and like. It’s about engagement rather than a numbers game of followers. Create good content that will engage your followers/customer.

It’s about effective and regular engagement…

This article, How to use social media for higher google rankings, has some really good tips.

Also, don’t forget to review the tips at Google for search engine optimisation.

Contact us if you want some help and advice on improving your Google rankings.


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