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Case study – Knitting Nannas

Kintting Nanna's logoKnitting Nannas has been set up by a couple of grandmothers who love to knit and crochet. They have often been told that they should sell their lovely items, so wanted to set up an online shop to do this.

This a really simple piece of work for Quirky Web and involved helping with selecting the right online selling solution and creating some simple branding.

For a small business like this, handmaking unique items, eBay might seem the obvious solution, but it really isn’t. On the plus side, eBay really does have a large ready-made audience, but many buyers on eBay are looking for a bargain. There are a lot of cheap items on there from places like China and trying to sell something that have taken time and care to produce, at a fair price can be very difficult.

Site, which are more geared towards designers, makers and crafters are a much better fit. Folksy is a good choice but not as well-known as Etsy. People who shop on Etsy tend to be looking for something special and expect the price to reflect it. If you are used to selling on eBay and move to Etsy you can find that you price your items too low and then potential customers think they may be sub-standard as they are so cheap.

Knitting Nannas just needed a little bit of advice on setting up the Etsy shop. They only had a dozen items too, so no too onerous to set up.

Quirky Web produced a header and a profile/logo picture  for use on the Etsy site. They wanted something in green and something simple to reflect knitting!The header is below and the logo is at the top of the page:

Knitting Nanna's hearer

This was all these ladies needed to get cracking and selling their goodies online.