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Wondering about Pinterest?

Pinterest logoI’ll bet you keep hearing about Pinterest? Have you been and had a look? What do you think? Could you work out why you might use it?

In some respects I think Pinterest is the new Twitter. People have heard about how great this chunk of social media is, but don’t really know how they’ll use it.

Well, I’d advise you to pop on over the Pinterest and have a look around.

It’s actually a great pinboard type tool. Imagine that you are looking for a new kitchen, looking for ideas for your wedding, or looking for new spring outfits. Pinterest can help here and let you pin collections of pictures. Lots of ordinary people are already doing this.

Where do businesses come in? The figures are now starting to quote 60% f the top 100 businesses having a presence on Pinterest.

Well, you are probably experts in what you do. I’ll bet there are a lot of images to do with your business? I don’t mean pictures of your products – a Pinterest board of these will soon turn people off. An example might be that you knit and sell dog jackets for various breads of dogs. You want to connect with and engage dog lovers – well I guess they’re your target audience? You could creat Pinterest boards of different dog breeds, dog kennels, dressed up dogs, dogs coats etc. Dog lovers will start to see your pinboards and hopefully start to follow them. It gets your name out there… you then might occassionally post up some of your own products.

The Huffington Post has a pretty good article – Pinterest and Quora for Business? Ignore at your peril.

Like the Post suggests, you need to look at what the top brands are doing on Pinterest. Look at how they are engaging customers without using any sort of hard sell.

Just because these are big businesses doesn’t mean that this doesn’t translate down for small businesses – remember Pinterest is another free tool that you can use to help to grown your own business!

Have a look at how Quirky Purple uses Pinterest to engage with their customers and potential customers – Quirky Purple Pinterest Site

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